SEO Blog: A Champion’s Chess Game

Internet Marketing is like a Chess Game with the Champions!

Savvy Wit Not Brawn Wins the Prize

Not very long ago, you could almost steal a position on Google’s Front page.  In those days, because there were not many who knew how to use ‘tags’ and ‘phrases’ and keywords.   I, little ole’ me, basically a one person business ( video production) who contracted in hired help as and when needed, held with ease 7 of the 10 positions on Google’s front page.  That page rank and placement did not have the phone ringing – it did not necessarily make a return for all my time and effort – but I still held all of those position.  How did that happen & why can’t I make it happen now?  Very good question.  Further to that, what’s the point of having a front page, position one, on page one if the phone does not ring with a job order?

How is Page Rank in Google Achieved?

First card on the table must be to understand that as you endeavor to sell your products or services to an online community you will need to know that it is a game and that the game has some very strict and undeniable rules.  That’s actually the easy part…add to that fact is a more uncertain one:  Google keeps moving the goal post…you go to bed one night, you have such and so a position but when you get up the next day your website and its relevance to the scheme of internet marketing is nowhere to be seen. How did that happen and why?  Good question.

There seem to be three opinions that are in equal lead out there:

  • Google keeps changing algorithms because they’re controlling the world wide web and intend to reap all the profits for themselves;
    Second opinion is that Google actually in responsibly employed to keep a level playing field for all by clearing out those who cheat by cleverly breaking the rules;
    The next one is one I subscribe to:  that its a mix of both of the above mentioned.

I’m not taking the easy way out by being diplomatic or ducking the points that have so many feathers ruffled and flaming with fluster.  I really believe that they are trying to keep the gamer mentality, as it were, off the chess board so that those who spend time to hone their skill by learning the rules are rewarded for their efforts.  It’s not to be seen as intentionally obstructive.  I feel the best way to view it is as a chessboard with all the pieces on it being of equal importance and having the same power to pull down a ‘king’ or ‘queen’.   You really need to know the game and to bring to mind that you are playing with world wide champions.  Not much comfort here, is there?   Not much until you remember how chess is actually played.  You can checkmate a king with any piece on the board.  Now, who has the power?

How Do you Effectively Play the Blog on the Chessboard

You simply learn the rules, you learn the skill level of your opponent, and you study how they play the game so that you can know where and what their weakness is.  Not wanting to sound like warfare here, so let me give an example.  Say you’re selling ‘Time Shares’ and you are deluged with competitors – what would be your strength and the way you factor that is by knowing what exactly is their strength.  If you do not know their strength in the online marketplace, how can you use your blogs to puncture their rear flanks? (sorry couldn’t resist that)  Well here’s a simple concept to get you started:  your opponents strength is more often than not the very opposite of their weakest quality.  And that goes for all of us.  Even the world wide corporations have curve balls thrown at them from time to time and then you see them hustling to switch, modify, or completely change directions.  Your business blogging if it’s to be effective needs to know where to aim, how to move and when.  When we run SEO Reports to determine what advantages you have or weaknesses, we put your website along side your 3 top competitors, then we go over the data it harvests with a fine tooth comb.  This is part of the report you can have on a weekly basis if you want one.

What are some of the weaknesses that show up?

Surprisingly, toxic links can really pull your site down off the first few pages of Google and keep you tumbling down.  Most of the time we don’t even know they’re there until we run these reports.  For example I have a domain that has been live and working online since 1997.  We are now undergoing the grueling process of combing through it and cleaning out all the broken links that the SEO Report turfed up.  Each time we clear a bunch out, the site gains presence and strength in better page rank.

Enough for now:

I did not intend for this subject to spin into such depth, but should you choose to use this info you will be a long way towards putting you self into a better marketplace.

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