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blogs for small business ownersTips to Increase Quality Backlinks to your Website

It’s important to first understand that quality backlinks are the single most determining factor in how your website is ranked by Google and other search engines.  Those that specialize in SEO are savvy to this fact and many tricks are used to try and short cut the process of acquiring quality backlinks.  It’s fair to say that the value of quality backlinks has been increased because it is the most difficult aspect of good SEO to fake!

Share The Love!

One of the most important features of using content writing, which includes blogging, to develop backlinks to your website, is so simple you probably think I’m being a smart arse when I state it.  It’s too simple: it’s ‘sharing’!  That’s right – just sharing!  Social media has closed the door on a particular types of marketing tools.  It is no longer that familiar “I’m selling this or that” and ‘Buy one get two free”  or here’s another one, ‘buy here now only 3 left’.  Most of that one dimensional sale’s pitch has been transformed into a social media world of sharing.  Instead of hiring expensive marketing companies, ( who can afford that now?!) we learn the art of ‘give and take’.  It’s a case of the ‘best way forward is backward’!  It’s good old fashioned networking- except now it’s done in the arena of blogging.

Tip: Guest Blogging /Posting

First step is to find a business that’s in your industry or closely related to it, then post on that website as a ‘Guest’.  If you select a website that has a good page rank, obviously that means it should be a higher page rank than yours.  The blog post must be free of errors and should be at least 500 words long.  If you are sincere in writing as a guest blogger, actually encouraging traffic to their website aimed at assisting them in selling their products and services then it is highly likely that they will post or comment on your blog and website.  Just good old fashioned ‘share the love’ – help the other guy and it will all come back to you!

Tip: Press Releases:

There is always someone looking for news to write about and your well written ‘Press Release’ is one sure way to be helpful to someone else and at the same time attract some quality backlinks. Having an eye catching ‘Headline’ will be helpful to at least get your content read. Be sure to add a link in the body of your press release so that you’re sure to get the credit.  The better quality writing, the more interesting it is to read, the way it stands out from the rest is a sure win in this approach to acquiring ‘quality backlinks’.

Tip: Blog Directories:

There are dozens of these but there are two that have been around for years and are ‘trusted’ by Google.  The reason that the major search engines trust these two in particular is because blogs are manually/handpicked to go into these Blog Directories; That trust works in your favor when you’ve registered with them because the quality of the the websites/ blogs they choose are always top quality.  The two I’m speaking of have been around for a long time, they are: Technorati and DMOZ

Tip: Comment On Other Websites;

Submit articles to Social Media pages and establish relationships with the owners of those sites.Think about how you’d feel if one day you find that someone has posted on your blog a favorable comment or review!

Tip: Participating in Forums:

Pick one or two active forums that are related to your industry and be helpful to someone else.

Subscribe to Newsletters of Blogs that are in your Market Niche:

The other thing to do is to monitor your backlinks and there are several sites that are free to join and they have tools to help you monitor your backlinks; here are a few:


There is also many websites that will auto send you an email when you get a new link – here’s one that will help you stay informed:









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