About the Writer:

I absolutely love to put my copy writing skills to use in selling my Client’s products & services!  I’ve written enough Blogs to wallpaper the White House and the full length of the Mall that fronts it!

Generally speaking, my writing style is ‘narrative’ in nature; I do this because I feel one of the most underemployed sales tools is storytelling.  In other words, telling the story of how the business came to be.  When you think of the iPhone, Steve Jobs comes to mind.  When you think of Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic along with the rest of that conglomerate comes to mind.  Storytelling is an art form; an ancient art form.  Putting to work the skill sets that are the territory of good storytellers, that is, to ‘entertain while you inform’ is a sure fire bet when it comes to content writing.  As a content writer, I put those creative storytelling tactics to work:

  • I may tickle the readers sense of humor;
  • Use inspiration to tell the story about how the products and services came to be;
  • Reference surprising and difficult to forget factoids;
  • Anything I can do to make my clients business more interesting and engaging.

Education & Experience:

I hold a Double Master’s Degree in Screenwriting & Screen Research and those have proved to provide a very useful angle since most readers, particularly North Americans, are visually compelled.

My writing experience is well rounded and I have lived and worked overseas for nearly 25 yrs. This overseas experience, as a commercial writer is useful in today’s global online marketplace.

I’ve taught writing at university level, worked as ‘final reader’ in major publishing houses and have served as a Writer’s Coach on commercial projects. Some of my experience, aside from the current online web content writing, includes:

  • International Feature Page Journalist;
  • Scriptwriter;
  • Stage & Radio Plays;
  • Feature Length Documentaries;
  • Speech Writing;
  • Inspirational Writing,
  • Press Releases,
  • Product Descriptions,
  • How to Video scripts,etc.

My love affair is with the ‘short story’ and that’s why I seem to excel in the world of Blogging.

I’ve worked as a fact checker, editor, Ghostwriter and Writing Consultant to name a few hats that ‘fit’ at that time!  (History Channel, Discovery Channel, Nova, Frontline, Panorama, BBC; etc)

If I’m not suited for your purposes, I will usually know it and not waste your time by taking on the job order.

What does a Professional Web Content Writer do:

A Website Content Writer or Web Content Writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience requiring predetermined quantity and quality content.  The content needs to contain keywords that attract and retain users on a website. The aim of the content is to:

  • Provide Information
  • Promote Sales
  • Convert the Reader to a Paying Customer.

Web content written for a website should concentrate on a specific topic. It should be easy to read and formatted visually so that it appears in ‘clusters’ or set out in ‘bullet points’.

Most website content either sells or endorses products and services. However, some websites are for the purposes of ‘information only’ and do not sell a product or service. In those instances, the content should be geared toward educating the reader.  This writing method is one of providing complex, yet, easy to read and understand information.

The best of these Web Content Writers have personal styles that ‘entertain while they inform.’

Web content writers must have the skills to insert paragraphs and headlines containing keywords for search engine optimization, as well as to make sure their composition is clear, so that they will be able to reach their target market.

Further discussions with the Client, regarding content strategies for reaching target markets, and these may be involve:

  • Demographic Profile
  • Market Segmentation
  • Mass Marketing
  • Niche Market
  • Precision Marketing

Online Writing has Changed the Marketplace:

SEO article writing or Search Engine Optimization article writing is the biggest thing to hit the global market place. Good news, since it’s the most affordable, hands on, tool that we all have access to!

It’s one of the few ways that website owners have found to help rank their pages higher in the lists. Some people try to do it themselves only to find out that SEO article writing is not as easy as it seems.

The content must be good. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling must be spot on and keywords are of the utmost importance.

SEO Article Writing vs. Web Content Writing

Some people will argue that SEO article writing is totally different than the usual web content writing. To a point that’s true.

  • Content writing should be well researched especially when it comes to articles.
  • Web content writing must have good grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  • The writing featured on your website should feed the reader with information that enables them to buy from you.

Web content writers don’t have to worry about using keywords at a specific density to optimize the web page so that the bots ( search engine electronic readers) will  locate, read and reference it as well as refer from it. 

This helps to establish and increase page rank.  SEO article writing, however, does demand this skill set.

That’s the main difference between content writing and SEO article writing.

  • SEO article writing, at least good SEO article writing has to be everything that standard content article writing is and then some.
  • SEO article writing can prove to be difficult, especially when the keywords or keyword phrases aren’t something that a normal speaker or writer would say or write.
  • The words must flow and appear natural but still fit the requirements of SEO article writing. Skilled and trained writers operate successfully in SEO article writing.

Good SEO Article Writing

Before you start looking for a good SEO article, you need to know what a good SEO article looks like. You need to know what type of content is required and how long the article should be.

Most companies that specialize in SEO article writing will tell you that SEO articles should be between 700 and 800 words. The average length of article is 750 words. The keyword density for the SEO article is determined by what the article is about and what it is to be used for.

Standard rules of SEO article writing would say that for a web page or blog of 500 words you should have a keyword density of around 2%-3%. That means good SEO article writing would give you between 10 and 15 keywords for a 500-word article.

It’s important to remember that the keyword density is not a fixed ratio, the statement above is meant to be a guideline only.

The software we run does not only just provide ‘up to the minute’ information regarding what Search Engines are looking for it then takes the writing content we submit and compares it to our clients top three competitors.  ( the top 3 positions on Google)

With this software, which by the way we pay $325 every month for, we can then modify the content and eventually push into one of those 3 top page holders. This is not accomplished overnight; it’s a matter of gleaning what the reports generate and then trimming what is in excess and adding to what the website is lacking.  It is not wise to think you could measure any of these statistics in less than 6 months.  It takes time to get your content out into the world wide web and even more time to hone it so that the specific client you’re seeking to engage can find you, engage with you and hopefully buy from you.

Of course this is a very dynamic and burgeoning industry so everyone is competing just like they do in the world of fashion.  This is why providing the search engines with fresh, relevant and SEO savvy content is not only the most affordable sales tool available it is undeniably the most effective one you have access to.