Blogging Guidelines For Busy Business Owners

Blog is King of MarketingThe Power of the Blog is like the Power of the Pawn in the Game of Chess!

The best way to understand how the world of selling product online is to think of the world wide web as a chess board.  Then disarm this idea that you are one of the millions on the board, all at the same time playing chess.  As you’ve heard many times over, “its not the game you play, but how you play it”.  Those words were never more true than they are in the world of blogging for small business owners!

  • It doesn’t matter how many players there are on the Internet – (for illustration purposes we’ll call it a ‘chess board’);
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a King, Queen, Bishop…or one of the eight, humble Pawns;
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or service that thousands of other companies also sell;
  • It doesn’t matter if you started your business 10 yrs ago or yesterday;

What matters is that you learn the value of content writing, especially blogging and something about search engine optimization.  Understanding the value of back links will give your weekly blogs direction. Blogging is now considered essential for any and all online business development.  It’s next to impossible to move products and services without the use of effective SEO savvy content writing.

Get on the Board & Make Your Move:

What does matter is that you understand the rules of this game and keep in touch with how quickly they change. You can hire a service like ours to do this for you or you can learn to do it yourself.  The beauty of the internet is that if you have a website, correctly installed then the search engines like Google can actually locate, read and archive the data found on it.  Then and only then can the ‘bots’ (electronic devices which read the internet) refer to it.  If you have that, you’ll soon have a very alive internet business!

‘Pawn Power’ the People’s Choice!

If you’ve ever played chess you’ll note the ratio of Pawns to the Royal Lineup;  they are equal except for this wonderful fact: the Pawn can move to any position from any position it chooses to….one move at a time.  Why is this such a wonderful move to know about?  Because with blogging, as with chess, you can master your game and become a strategist that uses ‘content writing as ammo. Why would I call this the ‘peoples choice’?  Because most small to medium businesses cannot afford to pay an SEO company to do more than write content and post a blog every week or so.   But what is better than this is that the business owner can do this job too!  It is not so difficult to learn what key words to use in your content writing and as far as the subject goes, is there anyone more qualified than yourself to write about the product or service you selling?  Add to this, that if you have been in business for awhile, you’ll know the general preferences of your clients and customers.  That’s fairly simplified if you serve a local demographic;  if what you’re selling online is to a remote, even a ‘world wide marketplace’, then you may have a little more difficulty figuring that out.  Still, everything you do need to figure that out is easily located online.  Tons of information on all aspects of content writing and blogging is everywhere. how to blog, when, why, to whom, about what, is accessible and free of charge.

How are Websites Read?

Knowing how these ‘readers’ (nicknamed ‘Bots’ – short for ‘Robots’) are led to your website and why they’re pulled there is the best education you can give yourself.  The entire internet ‘reads’.  It reads the language that the Internet is written with – the binary language.  Not wanting to over simplify this, but in the interests of clarity, this is the language of  ‘ones’ & ‘zeros’.  (1’s and ‘0’s’ )  It’s a sort of, digital age version of the time honoured ‘Morse code’.  It’s very important to know that these electronic readers, which locate, read, archive and refer to your website, do not read images.  They don’t even read ‘fonts’ that are not internet friendly.  So all the lovely, colourful, eye grabbing graphics, pictures, and photographs that are seen by us are not at all registered by those devices that score your content.  All of this information is easy to pick up and learn by the free webmaster tools which Google provides.

What Kind of Writing Content Encourages the Search Engines to Visit Your Website?

That’s a simple question to answer;  they’re many steps you can take to climb up the Google pages and achieve effective ranking, but the easiest and most affordable of all is the frequent posting of blogs.  The writing content needs to be fresh and original, relevant and suitably peppered with the key words that identify what you’re selling.  Write about what goes on in your company and do this with the stories you naturally tell to your friends and family…your business colleagues; you’d be surprised how many of your customers will more easily attach themselves to your brand and identify with it and you!  Invite them into some of the process you go through to provide them the consumables they purchase from you and it’ll add value to your relationship with them as well as explain or justify the costs you cover to bring these goods to them.  Now, how about that as a form of ‘social media’!? LOL

All you have to do is be who you are and write about what you know best – your products and your customers.



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