Blogging IS a ‘Call to Action’

I WIll Blog For YouGone are the days of the boring blog that pumps out pure, undiluted, information, albeit, useful.  The blogs that get read are usually entertaining as well as information driven.  You welcome the information about a product or service the blogger publishes to the web. The web content writer is also usually also the small or medium sized business owner. He or she is busier than a ‘one armed paper hanger’.  They know their products and they know who needs them or is likely to want them.  That knowledge does not mean that they are able to express that information in an appealing fashion.  In fact, most business owners will tell you that they find it difficult to write about what they do and why.  For many, knowing their business has become like breathing or walking.  If you want a taste of what its like to describe something you know very well, sit down and describe for someone how you breath and walk!  Address it to a ‘something’ that does not breath or walk…LOL  Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the drift.

Do you remember those teachers you loved best?  I do.  I learned the most from them because they dispatched the information that they wanted to teach me in the form of a story.  It was always something that happened to them or someone they knew.  It was always either very funny, sad, or somehow magical leaving you with a sense of wonder.  That place of ‘wonder’ is where the best learning takes place.  Its a type of ‘awe’.  Its a story that does not back you up into a corner with no option but to exclaim “YES! Give it to me, I’ll buy it how much – how much?!” OR “Get out of my face, I’m not interested”.  The blogs that sell products…<!–more–>inspire you to view something very differently and offer you all sorts of ways out of that corner that are fun journeys to take.  It will not feel like a call to action but it will inspire you to look more deeply at what is being offered and that is the best call to action you can have.

Blog Writing as an Invitation, not as an ‘Ordered ‘Call to Action’

Blogs are at their very essence ‘a call to action’ but its in a form of a conversation.  You converse with your prospect and if that’s successful you have what’s known as a ‘conversion’.  Your Prospect is now your Customer.  Cultivating  a ‘customer’ who goes out and brings back a ‘prospect’ that converts into a customer – that’s gold…and its ideal.  So when you write blogs, or hire them written, make them entertaining by telling a story and let the story do the selling.  Everyone loves stories and they immediately switch on when you say, “here’s a story…”.  Stories are simply irresistible.  We don’t know why, its as if  we’re hard coded to prefer stories.  Don’t you ever wonder why?  I have.  My major was in ‘world religions’ with a focus on ‘historical Christianity’ and it was an absolute delight and remains so, that the world talks about God by telling stories.  The Ten Commandments, could be cited as the ‘Facts’ but that and those like it did not sell anyone on believing in God; the story did.  Every time, down through history, someone said – “Once upon a time, or long ago and far away..” everyone wants to listen.  It’s good that we not ask ‘why’ that happens, it’s just smart that we put this time honoured ‘fact’ to good use!

But then, if you are not sure that I am right on this point,  test this tactic and start telling about ‘facts’ and you’ll certainly see the ‘switch off’ happen.  Remember this:  ‘Stories sell, facts tell.’  So now, you see the fear of writing your blog will dissipate when you sit and think of all the stories you have to tell about how you set the business up and why. The greatest calamity and how you got through it, etc.    And don’t forget to call on my services if you need help my Entry Level Blogs  are at a mere $30 and they are worth every penny of that – think what you could do with all that time you site and try to write about your offering?

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