Blogs are both Weapons & Tools

BloggingWeapon&ToolEveryone that has played chess knows that stinging surprise that a pawn checkmated your seeming well positioned king.  The salient point learned is to never give the pawn the opportunity. Today’s online marketplace is full of skilled SEO statisticians.  They study their opponents – know their typical ‘moves’.  They know what their strengths are and where their weakness are.  These strengths you have can simple be your location, or the relationships you’ve built up in your local community.  Those relationships in a struggling economy function much like the loyalty that happens with your countrymen during wartime.  You don’t care if you do or don’t like him  in war, you and he are suddenly <!–more–>-comrades in arms!  Just let some snake try to come in and steal your market out from under your nose and those loyal customers will function like a drawbridge.  Let the enemy swim the shark infested mote to get to your customers they holler!   Well,.. ‘scuse me for adding a bit of theater to this spin – after all, it does feel very dramatic when someone, an alien force, moves in on your carefully cultivated clientele.

Bringing down the enemy is a mammoth task until you view the might of the blog.  Simple, humble web savvy piece of writing of about 550 words.  If this is a chess game, think ‘Pawn Power’.  If you’ve never played chess, think ‘Achilles Heel’…if you don’t know what that is, think thieves running the neighbourhood and no matter how many locks you have put on your doors, they already know how to pick them.  Sheesh… do I need another example? I done’ mind, I’ve got dozens ready to fire off in my blogs.

Here’s the salient point of this blog entry, you can be a main player even if you sit somewhere in a back room and count beans!  The real gift of the internet and the wide open window it throws out onto the world of potential customers is that you can invite those prospects to your front door, so to speak – that front door is your website.  In this digital age, that ‘net’ or ‘web’ is the way you create a road map to tell your prospects how to find you and why they should.

What Does It Cost To Advertise My Product On The Web?

Time.  It will cost you your time.  When you think of it, the effect that a simple blog of some 550 words or so, that is only one page or so.  It is a typical suggestion to try to say what you’ve got to say to anyone, be it in business or personal and have it fit on a single page.  That is how the Google Bots that read the internet work – they will not usually read a newly submitted blog post unless it is about a page long.  Could you spend that much time per week  writing something about your business to your existing customers and those ‘hope to acquire’ prospects?

I don’t want to entirely set aside the intelligence of a strategy when it comes to writing blog entries and generally putting up new content, but hey!, the idea is here to just begin.

Begin by Writing a Single Page of Content:

Begin with a single page, say something about what your thinking, what you know that’s new about your business and it’s products or services.  Think ‘conversation’; you’ll usually discover that you chat to customers and colleagues all the time about your business…you’ll share the good news and the bad news, you’ll be asking them about there business and how they feel about what’s generally going on and sometimes about specific matters that affect your bottom line.  There are many more things you can do to help move your products out into cyberspace but you need to start somewhere.  Later on, if you are still reading what I’m posting you’ll learn how to set into this web content writing, essential key words that will have the ‘bots’ crawling your website and be set to frequent your content as you set a rhythm the Google algorithms will favour it and send in the Bots!

Entry Blog Posts Only $30

If I can be of service, if even you only want to ask a few questions, then connect with me.  I love what I do and I love sharing it with you.  I’m available to come and speak with your ‘Networking Group’ etc.

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