Blogs For Small Business

Blogging For Small Business

Writing Entertaining & Informative Blogs

Blogs that get read are blogs that are useful; they are almost always entertaining.  When you think about how you’ve learned anything you’ll probably remember who you learned it from.  No one can forget a school teacher that made learning fun.   Learning something you need to know is particularly fun if the process is made enjoyable.

The Blah Blah Blogs You Skip Over

One of the most discouraging features about reading blogs is that very few of them, on any given subject, differ from the ones you read last week, or last month or worse yet, last year!  I call these the ‘blah blah blogs’.  They run in packs; for example if the subject is search engine optimization, (SEO) all you can typically find to read, is the same rehashed information.  Since blogging is intended to attract readers, then it follows that the writing content in the blog has to be aimed at developing an audience.  That is a mammoth task.  There are millions of bloggers all trying to pull traffic to their area of interest.  Those bloggers, who write about their hobby or passion, are not really needing to know much about content writing that is SEO savvy because the content will only have the key words in it that specifies the area of focus.

Blogging For A Small Business

No matter what your business is you can always find something to blog about that will be interesting to almost anyone!  We all like to learn that’s why those ‘Did You Know’ corners in advertising newspapers are so popular.  Those newspapers are usually distributed freely and commonly found on small cafe’s tables, the local ‘Seven-Eleven’, corner shops, laundromats, gas stations, etc.  They’ve conducted research that proves almost everyone that reads those ‘give away’ papers first reads the ‘Did You Know’ corner. That’s why you will never pick up one without seeing that space.

Blogging As A Winemaker

I have a client that owns a wine cellar and is a Vintner.  I’ve suggested to him to post blog entries that follow a calendar year.  Any business that has a cycle that follows a specific calendar makes for a good blogging guideline.  Say for example he speaks of a ‘brix point’ or ‘brix scale’ and it never occurred to him that explaining that in a blog would be like one of those ‘Did You Know’ tid bits that everyone seems to like learning about.  After all, they drink his wine and involving them in the process could only increase interest and that is likely to increase sales.  It will certainly put the consumer in focus and having the vendor pay attention to you as a consumer is noticeable.  Another example: did you know that the grapes used in wine-making are horrible to eat?  It’s true; the best grapes for making wine are cultivated to survive stress!  No kidding.  They are only given the tiniest amount of water, through a drip system and this causes them to produce stressed out grapes!  It’s too funny to think that those who drink the wine are more often than not, trying to de-stress!

Blogging As A Florist & As A Coffee Supplier

Everyone loves flowers!  We do – we just do.  A florist could find dozens of ways to blog on the most interesting floral facts.  For example, how many rose lovers know that the original rose was brought to England by a botanist who found it on its native Himalayan hillside.  It only had four simple petals and from that they have created the more commonly known ‘American Beauty’ long stem roses!  Why are those so lovely?!  But one thing is certain, during a recent conversation with not just one, but 3, local florists, I learned that the bulk of their flowers are sold to men who are either about to pop the ‘magic question’, or apologizing for some blunder or other!

How Did Coffee Get From Africa to South America?

I’ll bet very few reading this blog will know how coffee left Africa, its native home and arrived in South America?  Short end to that story is there’s a whole lottah coffee in Brazil! LOL   I can’t leave you like that – I’ll have to tell you the very shortest version of that story.  A woman, well, a wife, was having a very heated affair.  The paramour was a visitor ( just as well, I might add) and he was brought in from Brazil to settle a dispute about certain territories that were in dispute…territory used to grow coffee on, of course.  Anyway, when it was time for him to leave to go home… and since it was illegal to take coffee beans or as they were and still are called ‘cherries’ out of the country…she decided to send him along with some beans anyway.  Now where do you suppose she put those beans… well she hid them deep in the center of flowers in a bouquet she gave him on departure.  That gesture of gifting a bouquet was customary; the exporting of coffee beans, however,  was not!  I wonder if her husband ever knew how that happened?  (well,…you could tune in next week to see if I blog about that…couldn’t you?)


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