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The Queen Reigns!

You can rule the internet by putting your pen to work!  I know you may be one of those poor souls who’d rather use your pen to stab yourself to death with than try to blog!  I mean who’s ruling is this anyway!?  We thought the torture of writing those High School essays was enough punishment…now what did you say…?  WHAT?!  They say we need to have a business blog to even get seen on the internet?  Actually this is not exactly true; you can command space and establish a ruling domain by occupying territory in other ways as well.  But here’s the deciding factor – one you can do or hire done for relatively little money, the other one you opt to ‘pay per clicks’, or you can buy one of the top two spaces on Googles relevant key word pages.  Short end of this story is that you can spend mucho much mucho dinero doing just that it.  Then what?  Well, you sell some product, add some prospects over to the ‘my clients’ file…then what happens after that?

Nothing.  That would be the most honest answer, but don’t think that those selling you the add space or pay per clicks will tell you that.  You need to find it out.  I’m not saying that pay per clicks or buying space on Facebook or many of the other social media platforms is wrong;  I’m only saying that the best way to get to the top of your game when it comes to internet marketing is to climb there naturally.  It’s called ‘Organic Growth’ and everyone will tell you that once you’ve acquired a top page rank in Google, it’s easier to stay there without further expenditures.  BUT you do have to keep adding fresh, relevant, useful, content.  That’s what blogging is all about.

What do I put into my business blog?

Start with what’s going on in the business.  There may be events you want to announce, or new products, maybe you have  waymarked an anniversary or celebrate having reached some goal or other.  Publish that.  This is what is termed in the business a ‘Pres Release’.   The way to help you remember that is to remind you that Google, YouTube, Ebay, the New York Times, the Whiteh] House, etc. are all built on a platform called the ‘Word Press’.  This website is built on a WordPress and we happen to recommend that most business build their business on a WordPress framework using one of the many themes.  The real kernal to take from these last few comments if to consider how much more effective

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