Content is Only King if it is Discoverable

Content is Only King

How to get Google to Read your Blog Content?

Most of the time when I began to hear the term, ‘Content is King’ I had no idea whatsoever what they were talking about.  Not only this, but I had no idea about how the internet actually worked. Until I finally understood how the internet actually worked, I had no idea how to help myself, especially with a very limited budget.  Now this is not one of those predesignated sales pitches I’m about to give you – it is sort of a map to illustrate how I learned what the internet gave me access to and how to put it to work for my small business.

Google’s Digital Readers, AKA Bots,  do not ‘see’ graphics, images, photos, videos, unless those are loaded in a certain SEO Savvy way…even then, it must be said that they still do not see anything on that list, they are reading the text you used to launch and publish them onto the web.  Knowing how to do this will profit you much in the world of search engines.

Learning to Write Effective Key Word Content:

First I began to think of what happens when you type something in Google’s search bar;  you’ll notice it automates certain words that are either identical or closely related to the search terms that are being typed in.  It begs the question, how are those decisions being made?  You could think, as I did,  that if you could understand that functionality, you would find it easier to get better placement on Google’s front page.  The words that are generated when you begin typing your sentence informs you about the data base that millions of people, doing exactly what you’re doing have programed the search engines.

The RIght Keywords and the appropriate Density:

The very first step towards writing a blog, or any other web that at least gets seen by the Bots is to know exactly what you’re selling and to whom.  That way its easier to write web content about it.  Those keywords need to ‘hook into’ the stream that’s already flowing… you don’t need to dig a new ditch – locate where the river already is and join in. That is why the SEO Savvy web content gets read and pulls traffic to your website.  Otherwise as my graphic suggests you can write an ocean of blogs, spin pages of web content and pump it out into articles, set out your product descriptions…but if your content is not generated to flow in the steam that is already flowing you might as well not bother to write it.  Suggesting that you have to ‘follow the leader’ is not to say that you cannot be original – not at all.  Original content is priceless.  Telling your stories the way only you can tell them is the best blog writing ever.  The best way I know of to explain how bots seek and land on keywords is to ask you to discover how a spider visits its web.  In fact that is why it earned the name ‘the web’, or the net; when they discuss the bots locating and logging new content they use terms like ‘crawling the web’ or ‘spidering the web’.  When you watch a spider you’ll note how it does not systematically travel along from one strand of silk to another… the spider doesn’t go to and fro, up and down along the silk thread … it sort of springs from here to there, jumps…and the only reason it does this is to check the web for a new catch and get off of it as soon as possible so that potential prey is not appraised of its presence.  The spider hides in wait.  SO, knowing how to bait for a bot becomes for you ‘The Silk Road’.!!   Jokes aside – its actually true.  I don’t want to digress to far from this point, but this is one I cannot resist;  The Silk Road, was the super information highway of its day.  That was how the world shared what was new.  Our internet arguably performs the same function.

I hope this explanation helps you understand the value of keywords, their density, and their placement.  The well crafted business blog is located by the Google bots and it will pull attention to your website.  Write those blogs!  They are the most affordable way to gain customers.  If you find that you’d rather stab yourself to death with your pen rather than write – well, my pen’s for hire!  Entry Blog $30 

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