Digital Revenue Advertising Management

Digital Revenue Advertising Management

Digital advertising revenues reached $57.9 billion in the first half of 2019. This number is the highest in the history of the US and is a seventeen percent increase from those of 2018. The uptick in revenues has continued significance that is at the core or a better digital economy.

Digital revenue advertising management

Digital marketers put together a sturdy monetization scheme to boost ad revenues and create high converting points. An online advertising revenue usually depends on the following common defining patterns:

  • CPM – The payment strategy is more familiar with traditional media like radio and television, and involves paying for every thousand views
  • CPC – Cost per Click pays if the potential client cares about clicking the ad. CPC is the highest payment method
  • CPA – Cost per Action pays for every lead or sale and fits well with affiliate marketing

iMedia Audiences has a premium ad sale service that builds brands and manages services that boost brands and products. Our software and sales connect your message to clients through independent media firms.

How to increase advertising revenue

There are a couple of primary channels one can receive direct profits from ads. The various ways generate revenue in a tried and tested approach. You can use any of our media ads and spaces to receive a cut in any of the following methods.

Types of digital advertising revenues

Ad space

The most common revenue-generating strategy is making money from the sale of ad space. You should choose this method to advertise a message that will be easily viewable by visitors. It is, however, good to remember that your site should be commercially relatable to the industry you wish to advertise.

Pay per Click

This advertising method is popular for website owners that are confident their visitors will click the displayed message. You can easily use PPC as a beginner advertiser when you purchase from a reputable marketing firm. The ads depend on your site and its traffic.

CPM advertising

You may want to consider CPM advertising if you are just starting a new site. It has a secure payment method that pays for views and not the number of clicks. Generally, you will need 1000 views to earn a paycheck.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is excellent for the promotion of products and advertising. It works the same as an ecommerce store, except that you be advertising other businesses’ or people’s products. The site owner receives payments when they generate sales or traffic.

How can you increase digital ad revenue?

You need the right traffic and ad relevance to sustain income from any of the advertising schemes. There is a high possibility that users will not click on an ad for garden tools when reading a blog article on travel.

Hiring an ad management team that understands your journey and has a commitment to increase the revenue is your best shot at increasing ad revenues. IMA is a collaboration of many different media sales experts that put a lot of thought and effort into developing solutions and software. Work with us to reap the benefits of a decade long experience and precise data targeting solutions.


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Digital Revenue Advertising Management

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