Marketing Strategies Using Content Writing

choosing the right content writing that is seo savvy

Unless instructed to do so, search engines do not read images, see pretty pictures, watch videos or vote on our fancy logos and website designs!  They read words in a binary code comprised of one’s and zero’s.  Millions of combinations of that simple code form the total of the internet.   That is the only information a search engine can read and archive.  That’s why it’s far better, (considering the lag in load times for images) to use the language the bots read and refer others to.   When you want prospects to see and hear your video testimonials, all you have to do is ensue that the script is in place when the video is uploaded.  This will be read by the bots and archived so that it can be found by someone else when they search for what you’re selling.  Good bit of info to know especially if it’s a testimonial review of your products or services!  It’s just smart to understand how to create SEO savvy content writing and know whether to post it on your website or off site in order to maximize your marketing strategy.

Content Is King.

Marketing strategies using content writing need to follow some basic rules in order that the search engines locate, read, archive, and then refer that information to relevant prospects.  Most SEO professionals declare that ‘Content is King’.   Why is writing content king’?   It’s easier to understand when you know that when someone types in a Google search bar, or any other search engine, it pulls the most frequent, relevant and area specific data available at that time.

There is nothing static about the world wide web. It’s not only burgeoning – it’s dynamic.  It’s content is generated new every single minute.  Millions of people type into search bars and this means that those entries into the search bars are actually generating the search engines data.  It builds the archive the search engines become.  Content is not only ‘King’, it is everything!  The Search Is New Everyday:

You have a chance everyday to compete for the keywords internet users type in.  All of the writing content on your website, or related directories which you’ve posted in, have the potential to appear on those first 10 pages of Google.  It’s like a huge kaleidoscope with infinite possibilities.  Move one single key word and the whole design of what pops up where, will change.  All of your content, wherever it appears needs to have a distilled message of:

  • who you are,
  • what you do,
  • how you do it
  • and for whom.

The Best Bang For Your Buck Is The Blog:

If you can post a blog to your website at least one a month you would have done more than you would be able to measure.  If each blog publishes the same featured keywords your site is optimized for, you would’ve eventually done more than a ton of ‘pay per clicks’ to promote your product or service, mainly because this ‘growth’ in ranking on the Google pages will be ‘organic’ and therefore is sustainable.

All you really have to do is stay informed about who needs  what you’re selling.  That’s not as simple as it at first sounds.  Good SEO savvy content writing will be very focused and monitoring the response to that content, and keeping it tuned and trimmed, is the only sure way to climb to achieve better page rank on Google and other search engines.

What Do The Best Blogs Offer?

  • The best strategy out there is to create blogs with the following:
  • Fresh & original SEO savvy content writing –
  • Keep it relevant to your industry –
  • Use the keywords that prospects are liking to type in the search bars when looking for your product –
  • Be sure the keywords you use in your blogs have an appropriate density throughout the blog – over stuffing with these keywords will pull a penalty from Google and cause your website to loose page rank on Google;
  • And, above all, make sure your content writing, especially the blog, is posted frequently.


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