Broken Backlinks Are Toxic

broken backlinks

Cleaning Up Broken Backlinks

One of the most important tasks in maintaining a healthy website and online presence is to clear out broken backlinks.  That will not be easily accomplished unless you know what they are, where to find them and understand how you acquired them.  Whew!  Now don’t worry because I’ve made it my business to learn about this, at least enough to get you going and that’s what I’m going to share in this blog post.  Let’s begin by defining what exactly is a ‘backlink’.

What is a Backlink?

Simply put, this is a link aimed at your website.  When it is a ‘quality backlink’ then it has come from someone in a related industry – or an industry who relies on something your website provides or serves.  Let’s say that you are a Building Contractor and you’ve linked to someone who supplies your trade with electrical wiring or specialty woods; that link would be measured by Google’s Search Engines as a ‘quality link’ and the website you link to would benefit from that connection.  If, on the other hand, you sold wool fabric your linking to them would not make sense to the internet bots ( Google’s electronic readers), and if they had many of these irrelevant links, their google page ranking would suffer because of it. Backlinks have become absolutely essential if you are to rank in google.   In essence these back links are the building blocks of SEO.

What is a Broken Back Link?

Best way to explain this is to remind you of how irritating it is when you click on a tab in someone’s website and it takes you to nowhere!  Maybe to a ‘Page Not Found  Error 404’  When you’ve found more than one on a single website you’ll typically exit that site and what’s worse is that your opinion of that company has been downgraded.  This is a perfect way to explain why websites with broken backlinks are downgraded by the Google Bots; if it perturbs you when you find these empty pages with 404 error codes then it shouldn’t surprise you that broken links are toxic to your internet well being.  There are plenty of reasons to remove these from you website, chief on that list of why you should remove them is because Google will downgrade your site each and every time it comes across one.  There is an entire process of getting Google to ‘disavow’ them because you can’t just say to the world wide web, ‘don’t go tto this or that page… because its not there any longer and I never liked it anyway!’  LOL

Those Bad Boys who made the Link Farms!

Here’s another reason to get these broken back links removed;  many Webmasters used unscrupulous techniques to boost a websites presence.  They developed a method of hidden linking that was, for the most part, an automated system.  It would build huge ‘link farms’ and then automate the website to link to that bogus system.  Before Google decided to come after these not so kosher webmasters... they had proliferated the internet with thousands of these ‘link farms’.  Google will not know that you had nothing to do with these dishonest ways of develop your website presence – all it will know is that it is your website and your responsibility to either maintain it or know that your Webmaster does and uses what is termed ‘White Hat SEO’. The method employed in this honest and organic way of cultivating an online presence is ‘kosher’ as opposed to ‘Red Hat or Black Hat SEO.

Why Google Dislikes Broken Links.

One more tiny, tiny problem;  since it was Google who decided to bring an end to this practice of generating false backlinks, it was also their privilege to penalize those who do not remove their broken links.  Since millions of websites all competing for the few prized positions in their local listings, they have implemented a point system that has considerable motivation built in! Ouch!!

Developing quality backlinks is the surest way to getting onto page 1 of Google.  I didn’t’ say that it would be overnight, but learning as best you can, exactly how Google’s algorithms work and how to stay ahead of anything that hinders your web presence and visibility is a solid move in the right direction.

How do I clean up my broken links and where do I go and learn how to create healthy backlinks?  (I’m so glad you asked that question! )

There are many free links to software which can show you what links you need to clean up and there are websites that have software to help you develop quality backlinks. Just Google the term and don’t forget to peruse You Tube for tutorial videos on this subject – having said that, the Internet is a world wide free for all!  Don’t assume that everyone on it is an authority;  a good rule of thumb is to view many videos, read many articles and then go with the majority point of view…or you could ring me!  I can help and a conversation on this subject is not a billable hour! Whatever you do now, at least find out if you have these broken links and get help to have them removed otherwise it’s like all your efforts to make your site visible is like running water into a bucket that has a hole it the bottom.

Don’t forget that blogging is the safest way to gain Google Page Ranks and being found on page one of a search will move product.  When writing your blogs its good to remember that, ‘stories tell and facts sell’.





Marketing Strategies Using Content Writing

choosing the right content writing that is seo savvy

Unless instructed to do so, search engines do not read images, see pretty pictures, watch videos or vote on our fancy logos and website designs!  They read words in a binary code comprised of one’s and zero’s.  Millions of combinations of that simple code form the total of the internet.   That is the only information a search engine can read and archive.  That’s why it’s far better, (considering the lag in load times for images) to use the language the bots read and refer others to.   When you want prospects to see and hear your video testimonials, all you have to do is ensue that the script is in place when the video is uploaded.  This will be read by the bots and archived so that it can be found by someone else when they search for what you’re selling.  Good bit of info to know especially if it’s a testimonial review of your products or services!  It’s just smart to understand how to create SEO savvy content writing and know whether to post it on your website or off site in order to maximize your marketing strategy.

Content Is King.

Marketing strategies using content writing need to follow some basic rules in order that the search engines locate, read, archive, and then refer that information to relevant prospects.  Most SEO professionals declare that ‘Content is King’.   Why is writing content king’?   It’s easier to understand when you know that when someone types in a Google search bar, or any other search engine, it pulls the most frequent, relevant and area specific data available at that time.

There is nothing static about the world wide web. It’s not only burgeoning – it’s dynamic.  It’s content is generated new every single minute.  Millions of people type into search bars and this means that those entries into the search bars are actually generating the search engines data.  It builds the archive the search engines become.  Content is not only ‘King’, it is everything!  The Search Is New Everyday:

You have a chance everyday to compete for the keywords internet users type in.  All of the writing content on your website, or related directories which you’ve posted in, have the potential to appear on those first 10 pages of Google.  It’s like a huge kaleidoscope with infinite possibilities.  Move one single key word and the whole design of what pops up where, will change.  All of your content, wherever it appears needs to have a distilled message of:

  • who you are,
  • what you do,
  • how you do it
  • and for whom.

The Best Bang For Your Buck Is The Blog:

If you can post a blog to your website at least one a month you would have done more than you would be able to measure.  If each blog publishes the same featured keywords your site is optimized for, you would’ve eventually done more than a ton of ‘pay per clicks’ to promote your product or service, mainly because this ‘growth’ in ranking on the Google pages will be ‘organic’ and therefore is sustainable.

All you really have to do is stay informed about who needs  what you’re selling.  That’s not as simple as it at first sounds.  Good SEO savvy content writing will be very focused and monitoring the response to that content, and keeping it tuned and trimmed, is the only sure way to climb to achieve better page rank on Google and other search engines.

What Do The Best Blogs Offer?

  • The best strategy out there is to create blogs with the following:
  • Fresh & original SEO savvy content writing –
  • Keep it relevant to your industry –
  • Use the keywords that prospects are liking to type in the search bars when looking for your product –
  • Be sure the keywords you use in your blogs have an appropriate density throughout the blog – over stuffing with these keywords will pull a penalty from Google and cause your website to loose page rank on Google;
  • And, above all, make sure your content writing, especially the blog, is posted frequently.





Blogging Guidelines For Busy Business Owners

Blog is King of MarketingThe Power of the Blog is like the Power of the Pawn in the Game of Chess!

The best way to understand how the world of selling product online is to think of the world wide web as a chess board.  Then disarm this idea that you are one of the millions on the board, all at the same time playing chess.  As you’ve heard many times over, “its not the game you play, but how you play it”.  Those words were never more true than they are in the world of blogging for small business owners!

  • It doesn’t matter how many players there are on the Internet – (for illustration purposes we’ll call it a ‘chess board’);
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a King, Queen, Bishop…or one of the eight, humble Pawns;
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or service that thousands of other companies also sell;
  • It doesn’t matter if you started your business 10 yrs ago or yesterday;

What matters is that you learn the value of content writing, especially blogging and something about search engine optimization.  Understanding the value of back links will give your weekly blogs direction. Blogging is now considered essential for any and all online business development.  It’s next to impossible to move products and services without the use of effective SEO savvy content writing.

Get on the Board & Make Your Move:

What does matter is that you understand the rules of this game and keep in touch with how quickly they change. You can hire a service like ours to do this for you or you can learn to do it yourself.  The beauty of the internet is that if you have a website, correctly installed then the search engines like Google can actually locate, read and archive the data found on it.  Then and only then can the ‘bots’ (electronic devices which read the internet) refer to it.  If you have that, you’ll soon have a very alive internet business!

‘Pawn Power’ the People’s Choice!

If you’ve ever played chess you’ll note the ratio of Pawns to the Royal Lineup;  they are equal except for this wonderful fact: the Pawn can move to any position from any position it chooses to….one move at a time.  Why is this such a wonderful move to know about?  Because with blogging, as with chess, you can master your game and become a strategist that uses ‘content writing as ammo. Why would I call this the ‘peoples choice’?  Because most small to medium businesses cannot afford to pay an SEO company to do more than write content and post a blog every week or so.   But what is better than this is that the business owner can do this job too!  It is not so difficult to learn what key words to use in your content writing and as far as the subject goes, is there anyone more qualified than yourself to write about the product or service you selling?  Add to this, that if you have been in business for awhile, you’ll know the general preferences of your clients and customers.  That’s fairly simplified if you serve a local demographic;  if what you’re selling online is to a remote, even a ‘world wide marketplace’, then you may have a little more difficulty figuring that out.  Still, everything you do need to figure that out is easily located online.  Tons of information on all aspects of content writing and blogging is everywhere. how to blog, when, why, to whom, about what, is accessible and free of charge.

How are Websites Read?

Knowing how these ‘readers’ (nicknamed ‘Bots’ – short for ‘Robots’) are led to your website and why they’re pulled there is the best education you can give yourself.  The entire internet ‘reads’.  It reads the language that the Internet is written with – the binary language.  Not wanting to over simplify this, but in the interests of clarity, this is the language of  ‘ones’ & ‘zeros’.  (1’s and ‘0’s’ )  It’s a sort of, digital age version of the time honoured ‘Morse code’.  It’s very important to know that these electronic readers, which locate, read, archive and refer to your website, do not read images.  They don’t even read ‘fonts’ that are not internet friendly.  So all the lovely, colourful, eye grabbing graphics, pictures, and photographs that are seen by us are not at all registered by those devices that score your content.  All of this information is easy to pick up and learn by the free webmaster tools which Google provides.

What Kind of Writing Content Encourages the Search Engines to Visit Your Website?

That’s a simple question to answer;  they’re many steps you can take to climb up the Google pages and achieve effective ranking, but the easiest and most affordable of all is the frequent posting of blogs.  The writing content needs to be fresh and original, relevant and suitably peppered with the key words that identify what you’re selling.  Write about what goes on in your company and do this with the stories you naturally tell to your friends and family…your business colleagues; you’d be surprised how many of your customers will more easily attach themselves to your brand and identify with it and you!  Invite them into some of the process you go through to provide them the consumables they purchase from you and it’ll add value to your relationship with them as well as explain or justify the costs you cover to bring these goods to them.  Now, how about that as a form of ‘social media’!? LOL

All you have to do is be who you are and write about what you know best – your products and your customers.






How & Why Blogs Attract Links:

Blogs That Attract Links For Sale! 

Blogging that fuels those electronic readers called google bots go in search for their preferred links.  They love links but not the kind you do.  Understanding how the internet is read is essential if you are ever to engage those tireless Cyber Employees.  They are Search Engine workers, stationed all over the world, ready to be hired for work and they do nothing – day and night but read!    When we type into a Google Search Bar, those ‘Bots’ spring into action!   They’re off with their newest assignment to retrieve answers to our questions  –  and all they do is read!   They read what’s called a ‘binary’ language; it appears to us in the form of  ones (1) and zeros (0).

Knowing how the Google Bots work   (is the surest way to using it to sell your products).

  • How do they locate what they read?
  • What do they read and what do they do with the information they read and archive?
  • How do they rate, rank and score your website?
  • When they read your website and blogs, how can these bots help to sell your products!

Blogs Generate Backlinks

What are Google Bots & what do they do?

I found it so interesting to learn exactly how the internet works – how does it locate the information that we send it out to discover?  What are those electronic readers and why are they nicknamed ‘Bots’.  Different ‘Robots’ for different jobs as you would expect when considering that this ‘research marketing machine’ (AKA google ) is one that spans the globe!   Some bots ‘crawl’ a website, some ‘spider’ the site, but they all read the writing content that is written on those sites.  That’s all they do. 

How do Google’s Bots Feel About Pretty Pictures?!   LOL

Well, if a Bot could see all those lovely photos and visual graphics we human readers love,  I suppose they would feel as inspired and amused as we often do!  But they can’t read pictures or see graphics.  These ‘cyber employees’ are only in the mood and hungry for words.  That is all that’s on the menu as far as they’re concerned.   Let’s face it, if you want a favour, such as ‘Like’ me or ‘Link’ to me, or ‘Share’ me – then getting them to the dinner table is crucial to being able to offer food for their culinary review!  When it comes to gaining better visibility and seeing your website on page 1 of Google – what’s the point of stuffing the internet with content that the search engines don’t even recognize?  Please note that I’m not saying that visuals are not necessary – they are…very important.  If you doubt my assessment, check out the stellar rise of Social Media such as Pinterest.   The whole world, so far as the selling of products is concerned, is ALL to do with graphics and visuals!

Blogs Serve As Bait to Hook Backlinks:

Using blogging or other forms of professional content writing to throw ‘link bait’ into the waters of cyberspace is now be lauded as one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to ‘Hitch Your Wagon to a Star’.  That is to say that giving your reading audience, those internet surfers who are, (as are we all) endless typing into that familiar Google’s Search Bar – give them something to land on!  Write it in a way so that it contains the appropriate keyword density to encourage, or, if you will, ensure that there’s sufficient keyword bait, keyword phrase bait, H1 and H2 tags to the hook up to a backlink line that eventually pulls traffic to your website.  That’s how you ‘temp’ one of those hungry google bots that crawl the world wide web to come ‘see’ or ‘read’ about you – what you do , what you have to sell, what you think, feel, and why you are on the internet!




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