Broken Backlinks Are Toxic

broken backlinks

Cleaning Up Broken Backlinks

One of the most important tasks in maintaining a healthy website and online presence is to clear out broken backlinks.  That will not be easily accomplished unless you know what they are, where to find them and understand how you acquired them.  Whew!  Now don’t worry because I’ve made it my business to learn about this, at least enough to get you going and that’s what I’m going to share in this blog post.  Let’s begin by defining what exactly is a ‘backlink’. Read More




Marketing Strategies Using Content Writing

choosing the right content writing that is seo savvy

Unless instructed to do so, search engines do not read images, see pretty pictures, watch videos or vote on our fancy logos and website designs!  They read words in a binary code comprised of one’s and zero’s.  Millions of combinations of that simple code form the total of the internet.   That is the only information a search engine can read and archive.  That’s why it’s far better, (considering the lag in load times for images) to use the language the bots read and refer others to.   When you want prospects to see and hear your video testimonials, all you have to do is ensue that the script is in place when the video is uploaded.  This will be read by the bots and archived so that it can be found by someone else when they search for what you’re selling.  Good bit of info to know Read More




Blogging Guidelines For Busy Business Owners

Blog is King of MarketingThe Power of the Blog is like the Power of the Pawn in the Game of Chess!

The best way to understand how the world of selling product online is to think of the world wide web as a chess board.  Then disarm this idea that you are one of the millions on the board, all at the same time playing chess.  As you’ve heard many times over, “its not the game you play, but how you play it”.  Those words were never more true than they are in the world of blogging for small business owners!

  • It doesn’t matter how many players there are on the Internet – (for illustration purposes we’ll call it a ‘chess board’);
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a King, Queen, Bishop…or one of the eight, humble Pawns;
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or service that thousands of other companies also sell;
  • It doesn’t matter if you started your business 10 yrs ago or yesterday;

What matters is that you learn the value of Read More




How & Why Blogs Attract Links:

Blogs That Attract Links For Sale! 

Blogging that fuels those electronic readers called google bots go in search for their preferred links.  They love links but not the kind you do.  Understanding how the internet is read is essential if you are ever to engage those tireless Cyber Employees.  They are Search Engine workers, stationed all over the world, ready to be hired for work and they do nothing – day and night but read!    When we type into a Google Search Bar, those ‘Bots’ spring into action!   They’re off with their newest assignment to retrieve answers to our questions  –  and all they do is read!   They read what’s called a ‘binary’ language; it appears to us in the form of  ones (1) and zeros (0).

Knowing how the Google Bots work   (is the surest way to using it to sell your products).

  • How do they locate what they read?
  • What do they read and what do they do with the information they read and archive?
  • How do they rate, rank and score your website?
  • When they read your website and blogs, how can these bots help to sell your products!

Blogs Generate Backlinks Read More


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