Professional Content Writing Menu: 

Webpage Content: This is the first ‘hello’ your website will say to the world;  you’ll want your introduction to be concisely stated in a clear and friendly manner.  That’s the ‘people’ part of the presentation and it’s not to minimize the SEO savvy and technical aspects of web page content.   That first page will tell the internet user who you are, what you do and how you do it.  It should be a distillation of all you are offering.  This intro page is a mini-version of you of course, but like the impressions left with first encounters, it’s good to remember that this first ‘view’ and ‘read’ will make a lasting  impression be it good or bad.

Lead in with brief and relevant sentences.  Think more like a journalist here; put the most salient point in the beginning subject.  Make sure that you’ve used spacing on the page so that it is not overwhelming.  Readers comment that pages with a lot of space on them, which also feature indented groupings in bold, become what are called ‘sticky’.  That, more often than not calls the viewer, reader, back to your site.

Try not to use jargon and research what your keywords are so that you can use them to create your copy.

Landing Pages:  The landing page is where you want to spend your money; although the writing content on the landing page, can and will outgun the ‘pay per click’ options, there are sometimes reasons and seasons for using them both.  Growing organic traffic to your site is the ultimate marketing strategy because when the content is directed to the bull’s eye of your ‘target demographic’ whatever you paid to have the content written will soon prove worth it in handsome ROI.  You’ll want to have this page very tightly focused on a very specific audience.  When that is accomplished the landing page content will present a compelling ‘buy in’ that converts the visitor into a buyer.

SEO Savvy Blog Posts: In order to ensure that you have done all that you can do to grab the attention of the search engines, you’ll want to ensure that you post blogs at least once a week.  If those blogs just cover these few requirements you’d would be well on your way to cutting through the thicket of competitors.  Do this:

  1. post relevant content – the bots then know who to refer your work to;
  2. post it frequently – the bots will then find your rhythm and will begin to come and look for your posts;
  3. ensure that the work is fresh and original – give the bots something original and fresh is one sure way to have them come back for more.  It is also how you will avoid being slammed by google’s algorithms for publishing duplicate content.
  4. When you post try and at least have it the length of a page, that will be approximately 500 words and that assures you that the bots will eventually find it.

That is fairly simple to accomplish. Not always easy to set aside the time to do this essential task but still simple to achieve. Performing this duty will hit pay dirt and you wouldn’t have needed to spend your hard earned gold to get it done.

Articles – you’ll want a few of these cast out onto the waters of the internet so that those who want to learn about your profession, or want to see if you know what you’re talking about can find these articles then trace the bread crumbs back to your website.   These articles is where you can really spread your wings.  They can be as long as you want them to be and if you aim for the magic of say, 2,500 words, you’ll be cooking with gas as far as the internet is concerned. Do a bit of research with the google analytic s account, you’ll find this in the Webmaster Tools by just typing the question in a Google search.  Very useful information about fine tuning your website.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO just means that your online presence is in tune with the preferences that google favors.

Link-bait Articles:  All this means is that your articles provide the sort of info that someone else finds useful.  In fact, they find it useful enough to ‘link’ to it and share it with their readers.  That back link is pure gold and weighs in as precious as does the metal when the search engine bots are sent out on a mission to find something useful about the subject.  It’s easy to see why google scores these up so favorably when you recall how easy or how difficult it was for you to get info on whatever you were searching for.  having these articles of interest perform well if they are at least 1,600 words long and they perform best when they are 2,500 words long.