Professional Web Content Writing

Whenever possible, current online dictionaries are referenced in order to define a commonly accepted definition representing the different types of copy-writing.

Types of Professional Content Writing:

Entry Level Blog:

  • Is generic in feel and is not in first person;
  • Think, general information addressing general Joe Public;
  • Web content writing (SEO ready ) about products or services;
  • It sells a service or a product, but not a specific brand;
  • These types of blogs pull traffic to your website because it’s keyword bait about your industry;
  • It’s best if it offers practical advice and guidance; tips n’ tricks;
  • It shouldn’t have an obvious hook buried under the bait – even ‘bait n’ switch’ has a recognizable, industry standard sophistication.
  • If this is not clear, pick up the phone and ring me.

An Example of an Entry Level Blog Involves:

Writing to update the reader on current news:

  •  a current event or upcoming event that is relevant to the company or industry,
  •  a situation that affected or impacted the company in some way;
  •  a blog post that is generic in nature yet similar to what the company is offering;

That type of blog is best for SEO purposes

Word Count: 550+ (about a page)

Price: $95.00 – $125 ( discounted for 4 or more)
Keywords are provided by the Client or I can provide them upon request.

NB* when more than 3 keywords are used it dilutes the efficacy of the entry level blog;

Research Report to Determine Keywords:

Price: $55 -$125 Depending on subject and purpose for the content.

Detailed Research Determining Keywords Including Long Tail URL’s:  $150 – $350

Keyword Density:

Provided by Writer; (see attached infogram )

Tone & Feel:

Provided by writer who uses the typical & current commentary; if the business owner elects to direct all of the above, it classifies as a ghost writing. This job order is priced differently.

Minor Corrections: 1st Round, Complimentary/ Free of Charge;

Other Major Corrections or Revisions:

Price: $15 – $30  (to be determined – these revision fees are added to the original blog price )

*The need for major corrections or rewrites is generally due to the writer not being given all the details or is given incorrect info when job order was placed.

  • Promotional Blogs
  • Press Release
  • Product Descriptions & Reviews
  • Landing Page
  • Web Page Content
  • Business Descriptions
  • Articles

This type of content involves selling specified products or services and promoting such with the client’s designated brand.

Word Count:  2400 – 2600

Google algorithms are currently giving high scores to content who’s length is 2,400 – 2,600 words. The probable reason for that type of content being scored so high is due to the fact that the articles attract back-links.  In other words the highest scores are given to authoritative, well written articles. When these articles are back-linked to and selected to feature within other websites, blogs, extensive and specific directories, then they are respected and register well by the Google bots.

Price:  $375-$450

A firm quote will be given after available information is provided, and that will depend on:

  • research provided by Client OR
  • knowledge the Writer already has OR
  • research the Writer may have to do.


Client provides industry specific keywords or Initial business description that provides relevant information so that a keyword search can be conducted.


Articles require more extensive coverage, and research of a given subject which is sometimes used as a blog post.

Word Count:  1600 – 2500

Price:  $275.00- 550.00

Ghost Writing:

This involves writing in the 1st person as the business owner’s voice. The ‘voice’ has established in online published content, OR in conversation with me, so that I can ensure I capture the ‘voice’ of the Business Owner.  Only offered with a series of at least 6 of anything – blogs, articles, website page content, etc.

Connect with me for a quote.

Writing to SEO Optimize YouTube Videos:

( see attached info-graphic; this will be helpful )

Price to be determined; generally approx.  $60 -$150