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SEO Content Writing

'SEO Content Writing' or 'search engine optimized content writing' is probably the most important component to understand and utilize if you want to successfully market your products online.

It's a way of writing for your online presence that pulls traffic to your website and converts those that visit it into customers. In short, its powerful and affordable, that's the good news – the bad news is that since its importance is generally not understood, utilizing this simple tool is not often enough put to work.

Google is the worlds biggest search engine and it reads, grades, and scores everything we all write into it. Learning to use ' SEO Content Writing' while you're promoting your products and services is essential to move your product.

The main point to keep in focus as you write is that your writing should satisfy your audiences' hunger for quality content. If it is original and relevant, creative and entertaining, and is fresh and frequently submitted, then you may have one of the best business plans around!

When your 'SEO Content Writing' reflects the uniqueness of you and your product and at the same time both compels and engages your audience then your success is defined. Would be consumers don't want to be addressed with technical terms they don't understand; they want to be entertained while you inform them about who you are and what you're selling. Most of us will be able to recall at least one teacher who was the favorite of many. They made learning fun and that is what good 'SEO Content Writing' does – it educates you about the product its offering for sale and makes the process enjoyable.

Good solid 'SEO Content Writing' is no longer the arena of keyword stuffing and clever phrases designed to snare traffic and pull it to your website or landing page. That is the sort of technical writing anyone, with a bit of effort, can learn. If you don't wish to learn it, you can always hire it done but finding a skilled writer that can demonstrate the knowledge about your product and the enthusiasm you probably have for selling it will be rare.

At this time I should provide full disclosure and admit that I'm about to pitch you with a clear intention that you hire me! Here's why I think you should at least consider it:

I was born to write and that's what I live to do! I hold a double Master's Degree in screenwriting and screen research. The specific aspects of my career where it applies to writing content to sell your goods is not only my creativity but my ability to do the necessary research that the search engines such as Google now demand. Over the decades I've worked as a researcher for many reasons and then this information was used to firm up the necessary facts to safely produce documentary or fact based feature length films.

I lived and worked overseas for nearly 25 yrs and have researched many surprising subjects as well as having worked in 24 countries. If that sounds romantic to you then you may not have done much of that Dickensian work wheel sort of life! Believe me, its work just like you've worked!

For reasons that no one has been able to figure out, I seem to find everything interesting; I love learning so research is second nature. I have many work sample of SEO Content Writing and I'm happy to supply it to you upon your request. My experience in internet writing is extensive and my knowledge of its workings is up to date.

Thank you for your time and attention – I hope to hear from you sometime soon – meanwhile keep that pen pushing!

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