Seo Savvy Content Writing

Fair question would be: What exactly is ‘SEO Savvy Content Writing’?

SEO Savvy Content Writing

Not to put too fine a point on this, but let me define each of these words so that you will never again wonder what it means:

SEO is an anagram that stands for, ‘search engine optimized’; that means that whatever it is, in this case content writing, it is optimized so that it is certain to be read, logged into a database, and referred to when summoned by search engine terms be they keywords or key phrases. There is simply no reason to write content to market your products & services unless it is SEO Savvy Content Writing.

Savvy: now this is a simple word that indicates that you or whomever is writing your content knows what they’re doing. I’m not being funny or snide here. Google’s changes its requirements known as ‘algorithms’ often – but that’s another story for another blog. Savvy means savvy. Know how to or find someone who knows how to determine these matters before they write content about what you’re selling. This makes for good SEO savvy content writing and it will accomplish the task it’s sent out to perform – generate prospects and create paying customers out of them.

Content: Content, in short, is the ‘stuff’ you put online to draw attention to your store. Smart content writing begins with your website pages – it must be user friendly and seo savvy. That means you are essentially writing for what seems ‘two markets’. One is your prospect and the other is the ‘bot’ that first reads and securitizes your entry when deciding who they will ‘feed’ it to. This is precisely why you need to understand exactly what SEO savvy content writing is.

Writing: Well this word was once a very simple word to understand but not any longer. We wrote letters and received them, we wrote essays and some of us hated them, we praised or cursed the journalists who used to do all the writing for the newspapers and nightly news broadcasts— that was the way it was. NOW, writing must first to the Internet reading devices known as ‘bots’. These bots are, in a way, a reference library your prospect turns to in order to locate you.

It’s simple for those ‘in the know’ but confounding for those who have been all through the many changes that have been hurled at us during this digital marketing age.

The ‘bots’ that read the terms typed into the search fields catalogue them from everyone all over the world. That’s your market place and you must know how to tame this market so that your precise target is hit. Those keywords or key phrases are not what your prospect or current customer want to read;

  • they want to read intelligent replies to their questions;
  • they want to know if you are selling exactly what they want to buy;
  • they want to know that you care about them and are not just stuffing your blogs or SEO savvy content writing with what you want expound on;
  • they want someone who is an authority on the subject of their quest;
  • they want this information to be entertaining and creative and not just information stuffing – in short they want you to be that teacher that they loved to listen to!

SEO Savvy Content Writing is a joy to read and to write but if you find yourself ‘pen ready’ to stab yourself to death rather than write it – STOP and pick up the telephone, that old fashioned device and dial my number.

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Meanwhile I toast – ‘To Your Success!’

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