Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The Goal of Social Media

The complexity of ‘Social Media’ can first be understood by understanding that its building blocks are constructed by ‘blogging’.  Bringing this subject up can still draw raised eyebrows or a belly laugh. I guess it’s fair to say that every craze has its day.  But this craze, given the transformation that internet marketing has introduced is one craze that will modify the way we move product, but it’s not going to go away.

When Social Media took over the internet and climbed to the heights it eclipsed many time honored methods of selling products.  The small to medium sized business owner felt deluged in a wake of questions that seemed to have no ready answers.   One of my loyal clients asked me in earnest: ‘what’s Social Media for?’  When I reduced the complexity of it to the suggestion of  him ‘blogging’ I would he raised his eyebrows and let out a belly laugh.  Well at least it temporarily dispelled the stress load!

What is Social Media for?

Oddly enough the majority of those asking that question were the very ones that social media would have best served.  They were the small to medium sized business owners who had built their businesses a brick and a board at a time.  Think ‘sweat equity’- lots of it and the main problem with this type of business owner is that they are self made.  That means they are not likely to turn over their business to anyone else to develop. Frustrating for both them and someone in my shoes.  They wanted to know why content writing was so important and what was the ROI (Return On Investment).  Most of them were over the age of 35 and had built their business before the phenomenon of ‘Social Media’ garnered the center stage.  If those business owners had gone to college or trade schools to earn ‘business degrees’ they were not taught anything about this new internet method of marketing.  ‘Free fall’ was he inevitable result. Now they had to either be put through an educational process so that their risks or business decisions were educated ones or find the courage for the ‘leap of faith’ that seemed the only alternative left.

Add to this that at the same time that ‘Social Media’ was picking up momentum, the overall economy was on a historical downturn….an international one.  This left the small to medium sized business owner with even less resources for advertising and marketing.  Leaning a new way of accomplishing what seemed so simple before was experienced and as welcomed as a vertical learning curve.  Just what you want when the coffers are empty!.  Working 12-14 hr days left them with little inspiration to learn what seemed like an entirely new way of doing business.

The Goal of Social Media is to Turn Customers into a Volunteer Marketing Army

Given the reality of th gloomy recap I just set out it was not easy to capture the prospects attention with the fact that their new employees would not only help them through this financial crisis they would do it for free!   All that needed doing was to give the customers incentive to market the product through the rapidly developing arena of Social Media.  Giving reasons, better yet, fun reasons for your customers to help you ‘get the word out’ about your offering is not as difficult as many seem to make it.

The Simplicity of the Business Blog

Having a business blog in place, and plugged into your social media is the most affordable way to let the world know who you are, what you are selling and why they should buy it.  In it’s simplest form it is an advertisement and instead of buying ad space in the local newspaper or magazine, you use the far less expensive space on your website.  If you learn just a bit about the mechanics of this mighty tool you’ll see results from it.  Blogs must be SEO Savvy – this means that the writing content, the choice of key words and their density and the ‘phrases ‘all need to mirror what the rest of the internet has already recorded in its data base and is responsive to.  You can begin to learn this by observing what happens as you type into a Google search bar.  There are also many free tools inside Google’s Web Development Tools.

Web Writing Content is the Easy & Simple Way to Attract and Grow your Clients

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant, keep it simple and entertaining to read.  That is the best business blog you can either write or hire someone to write the content.  Our entry level prices begin at just $30 for 500 -550 words.  That is the acceptable length for the ‘bots’ to come and read all about it!

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