Targeted Blogging – Blog Shots Sold Here!

Targeted Blogging - Blog Shots Sold Here!

What is a ‘Blog Shot?

Well, simply put,  it’s target shooting.  In speaking of ‘prospects’ some people are particularly inclined to use the term ‘target market’.  Blogging done with that in mind could be thought of as a form of communication with those you think you have something useful to offer.  The blog that is effective communicates something of worth to those you’d like to have as customers.   Think bait.  Those of us who fish know that we need to use the right bait and the right lure if you’re to catch the fish you want.  If they like what you’ve written they bite… better yet, they take, hook, line and sinker and get in the boat with you. .. lovely idea, isn’t it?  There you both go, your soon to be Customer rowing merrily, merrily along!

Developing Loyalty to your Brand 

If they like the usefulness of your blogging and website content they usually read it and  look for your next blog entry.  That’s the best evidence you can ask for when wondering if you should hire someone to write the blogs you never seem to get done!    You can prove the worth of a ‘blog shot’ by taking that brief bit of time to write one at the very least, once a week.  These blogs should be frequent and fresh; that means that they are not copied from somewhere else and sort of edited to look ‘fresh’!  You know what I mean, don’t you..hummmn – yes, I thought you’d know. .LOL.   All you have to do is be who you are.  That is usually a hard working small business owner.  You know your business best so you are the best one to write the business blog.  But be honest with yourself too; if you are just to darn busy to get this done, or you’d rather take your pen and stab yourself to death than sit down and write your website content, they do as you do when you need other types of contractors: hire it done!  It is very affordable – for example, my entry level blog is $30 per entry of approx 500 words.

If you can find more affordable advertising & marketing to a worldwide marketplace – please let me know!  I’d want to get in on it before they wake up and raise their prices.

Keep it fresh

Yesterdays coffee is just no good; yuck.  Think Morning Java Like ‘Caffeine Me’ – ‘Espresso Me’!  Everyone has a preference for how they take their morning brew;  you have one and so do your clients.  You don’t go to the internet and just start reading everything – you have your reasons to read something and that reason usually falls into one of two categories.  These categories are sometimes related.

  • – you read because you’re shopping; you’re looking for savvy web content that answers your questions & inspires your buyers confidence.
  • – you read because you’re educating yourself and getting ready to shop;

Blogging to your Target Market

Not to put to fine a point on it, but target marketing is very specific.  When you sit to write one, its best to know as much as possible about your ideal client.  You simply can’t just say, ‘well, my product is for everyone’.  What kind of target is that?  Where’s the bulls eye?! You can’t just aim into the air.  You know, those that sell toilet paper know their target market.   With this chaotic method, you’ll find your sells will become few and far in between.  I’m not being sarcastic or writing stand-up comedy here – I mean it.

You can research this yourself.  Selling toilet paper is specific even if we all do the same thing with it! LOL   Think of all the types of toilet paper on the shelf in a typical super market.  Some of it is perfumed, some have cute little pastel flowers on it or impressed and outlined  hearts!  Some of it is made from recyclable materials while other brands are sold because they are biodegradable.  Don’t forget the ‘scented’ sort of toilet tissue.  Note, it used to only be called ‘toilet paper’ then it somehow migrated to ‘toilet roll’ then maybe ‘bathroom tissue’ perhaps this is why it needed scented! LOL  I don’t know; what I do know is that the manufacturers who make paper that is to be used in the toilet for what we know it is used for…well, they know exactly who is buying their product.

Serious businesses need to aim at a target if the intention is to hit one.  If you need help with this, give me a call and let’s look at what you really need to move forward in this highly competitive marketing arena.



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