Transparent SEO-See What You Are Paying For

What To Look For When Hiring An SEO Specialist

What you want to look for, in one word, is ‘transparency’.  If you don’t know how to gauge and measure the results that your SEO Savvy Specialist is reporting  related to the technical support you’ve hired, how are you going to determine the real value of money spent?  If you cannot answer that question then you are probably in the same boat as many other small business owners are:

  • Too busy running your company to stop and learn about how to run a  ‘search engine optimization’ company!  Your preference would be for them to know their job and tailor it to serve your company!
  • Too busy to pour through all the advertising currently hurled at you from those selling these services to inform your decision making process about who to hire, how much should you pay them, and when can you expect a ROI (return on your investment);
  • Too confused about ‘exactly’ what SEO Savvy Content Writing is, what is  ‘mobile compliant’ website, and why is it best for my blogs to be SEO savvy?!

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