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Writing content for the web is, or ‘web writing content’ is without a doubt, the most cost effective marketing tool in the world. What could be more affordable and effective than a business owner, who writes or hires someone to write webpage content to support online marketing efforts?

The words that pop up when you type in the Google search bar are drawn from the repetitive searches that are instigated from worldwide users. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why learning to harvest and use them in your ‘web writing content’ endeavors’ is one of the most efficient tasks you can relatively easily accomplish, however, if you want to see returns on these efforts then there are some strict guidelines and caveats you’ll need to follow.

Content written to promote your products and services need to be attuned to what the Google algorithms already recognize as authoritative. Those way-marks which have been established by the ‘leaders of the pack’, typically small to medium business owners who have fed ‘ web writing content‘ to the search engines and kept it fresh, relevant, original and frequent. They hold their positions and continue to climb in Google’s page rank by continuing to feed that content in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, reviews, and other website landing pages or general descriptions of their offerings to the Internet.

Achieving and maintaining PageRank in Google is what the wise marketer takes on and keeps at the top of their list regarding the selling of their products and services. PageRank is achieved by understanding and implementing Google’s algorithms in a timely fashion.

One of the Google algorithms or updates was released in September of 2013 it was called ‘Hummingbird’. It was all about the use of keywords and the density that you needed to publish them in. Knowing how to put this algorithm to work for you yielded great results to those that bothered to really understand why is was so useful. ‘Hummingbird’ was cited as probably the most impacting upgrades in Google since 2001. ‘Web Writing Content’ with this update firm in place is still relevant and is not likely to loose its importance and here’s why:

It puts the User first by holding a tight, clear line on what they are actually searching for! Simple,…right? It just means that those first few words typed by the user into the google search bar are honored and the ‘bots’ are sent out to scout for information that is only relevant to that search requirement.

The old SEO (search engine optimization) was specifically aimed at grooming your web writing content to:

-‘How do I rank for this query?’

The Hummingbird update changed that to the new SEO:
‘How do I best answer the questions my users have?’ Basically that means that your website is addressing what matters to your users and your ‘’web writing content’ addresses their concerns by answering their questions.

When you are undertaking the job of ‘web writing content’ all you need to bear in mind is the relevancy, credibility, and timeliness of your entries. Keep in mind that those electronic, digital devices which your website content or web writing content you publish to link back to your website is highly important and it is the best SEO money can buy.

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