How & Why Blogs Attract Links:

Blogs That Attract Links For Sale! 

Blogging that fuels those electronic readers called google bots go in search for their preferred links.  They love links but not the kind you do.  Understanding how the internet is read is essential if you are ever to engage those tireless Cyber Employees.  They are Search Engine workers, stationed all over the world, ready to be hired for work and they do nothing – day and night but read!    When we type into a Google Search Bar, those ‘Bots’ spring into action!   They’re off with their newest assignment to retrieve answers to our questions  –  and all they do is read!   They read what’s called a ‘binary’ language; it appears to us in the form of  ones (1) and zeros (0).

Knowing how the Google Bots work   (is the surest way to using it to sell your products).

  • How do they locate what they read?
  • What do they read and what do they do with the information they read and archive?
  • How do they rate, rank and score your website?
  • When they read your website and blogs, how can these bots help to sell your products!

Blogs Generate Backlinks

What are Google Bots & what do they do?

I found it so interesting to learn exactly how the internet works – how does it locate the information that we send it out to discover?  What are those electronic readers and why are they nicknamed ‘Bots’.  Different ‘Robots’ for different jobs as you would expect when considering that this ‘research marketing machine’ (AKA google ) is one that spans the globe!   Some bots ‘crawl’ a website, some ‘spider’ the site, but they all read the writing content that is written on those sites.  That’s all they do. 

How do Google’s Bots Feel About Pretty Pictures?!   LOL

Well, if a Bot could see all those lovely photos and visual graphics we human readers love,  I suppose they would feel as inspired and amused as we often do!  But they can’t read pictures or see graphics.  These ‘cyber employees’ are only in the mood and hungry for words.  That is all that’s on the menu as far as they’re concerned.   Let’s face it, if you want a favour, such as ‘Like’ me or ‘Link’ to me, or ‘Share’ me – then getting them to the dinner table is crucial to being able to offer food for their culinary review!  When it comes to gaining better visibility and seeing your website on page 1 of Google – what’s the point of stuffing the internet with content that the search engines don’t even recognize?  Please note that I’m not saying that visuals are not necessary – they are…very important.  If you doubt my assessment, check out the stellar rise of Social Media such as Pinterest.   The whole world, so far as the selling of products is concerned, is ALL to do with graphics and visuals!

Blogs Serve As Bait to Hook Backlinks:

Using blogging or other forms of professional content writing to throw ‘link bait’ into the waters of cyberspace is now be lauded as one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to ‘Hitch Your Wagon to a Star’.  That is to say that giving your reading audience, those internet surfers who are, (as are we all) endless typing into that familiar Google’s Search Bar – give them something to land on!  Write it in a way so that it contains the appropriate keyword density to encourage, or, if you will, ensure that there’s sufficient keyword bait, keyword phrase bait, H1 and H2 tags to the hook up to a backlink line that eventually pulls traffic to your website.  That’s how you ‘temp’ one of those hungry google bots that crawl the world wide web to come ‘see’ or ‘read’ about you – what you do , what you have to sell, what you think, feel, and why you are on the internet!



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